1.0 Pack

The 1.0 Pack is the first Season Pack after Official Launch.
This Pack, introduced in Eternal Return 1.0's 2023 Season 1,
includes a variety of cool items at a reasonable price!

Get ready for the perfect summer vacation with the 1.0 Pack
and enjoy 10x more of Eternal Return 1.0's first season!

Summer Party Magician Emma


* ER PASS will be available on
   Wednesday, August 2nd after maintenance (PT).

4 Special Items

- Summer Party Magician Emma (Emote)
- Summer Party Magician (Tombstone)
- ER Point Boost (14 Days)
- 100 Vacance Tokens
* Vacance Tokens are available only during the season and can be earned by disassembling items in the Forging menu. You can exchange them for special skins and items in the Exchange menu in-game.

2 Characters + 2 Bonus Characters

- Debi & Marlene
- Arda
- (BONUS) Abigail
- (BONUS) Alonso

7 Skins

- Riot Police Felix
- Morning Coffee Sua
- Demon Hunter Markus
- Street Fiend Karla
- Security Enforcer Debi & Marlene
- Bittersweet Criminal Laura
- Professor Cathy


  • about 50% OFF

  • 7,900

Make sure to read the 1.0 Pack Notes!

Notes * If you already have <ER PASS: VACANCE>, you will be refunded 1,550 NP.
* No refund will be issued if you have a duplicate ER PASS.
* Please refer to the notice for which products are included in the 1.0 Pack.
   These products are subject to change.
* Products included in the 1.0 Pack will be distributed via in-game mail upon release.
   They may be resold in other ways in the future.

We've prepared these beautiful wallpapers for you to use in all your devices
as a token of appreciation for your support!

ER Season 1 to 9
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