"Adventurer Nathapon" was leading his classmates on a hiking field trip,
when suddenly, a bear attacked! During the escape, his compass was broken...
Now Nathapon needs your help to lead the students down the mountain safely!

Event Period: Thurs, June 1st - Sat, July 1st 7:59 AM (PT)
Reward Collection Period: Until Sat, July 8th 7:59 AM (PT)

Complete the map to receive a special gift from Nathapon!
For every 5 "Bear Coins", you can enter to win a "Nathapon Luggage Tag".

(There are only 100 luggage tags available. Winners will be chosen via a raffle after the event is over. Displayed image is only a preview and is subject to change.)

  • Map Pieces : 0

  • Bear Coins : 0

  • Raffle Entries : 0

  • Nathapunbelievable!!
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    Required Map Pieces: 3

  • Nathapunbelievable!!

    Required Map Pieces: 5

  • Nathapunbelievable!!

    Required Map Pieces: 7

  • Required Map Pieces: 10

  • Nathapon Luggage Tag

    One Entry per 5 Bear Coins

Complete the Daily Missions and use the magnets to spin Nathapon's broken compass!
If a map piece of each area appears, the map will slowly be completed. (Areas will not be repeated.)
Be warned: every once in a while, a bear will come and snatch your map pieces!
But don't worry—at least it leaves a "Bear Coin" for the trouble!

  • -Number of Magnets :0

Complete the Daily Missions to get up to 3 magnets a day!

Daily Mission Reset: 20:00 (PT)

[Normal/Ranked] Call 2 Remote Drones (0/2)

OR [Cobalt] Occupy 4 Total Power Beacons (0/4)

[Normal/Ranked] Slay 30 Wild Animals (0/30)

OR [Cobalt] Obtain 500 Credits (0/500)

[Normal/Ranked] Eliminate 1 Test Subject (0/1)

OR [Cobalt] Win 1 Match (0/1)

What are Web Points (WP)? WP are event points that can be used throughout Season 9's web Free ER Pass events.

Event Period: Thurs, June 1st - Sat, July 1st 7:59 AM (PT)
Reward Collection Period: Until Sat, July 8th 7:59 AM (PT)

You can check event details
on the official PC version homepage.

[Prize Winners of the Nathapon's Compass! Event]

Congratulations to the winners of the Nathapon's Compass event!

Nathapon Luggage Tag (100 People)

00MRFT00 CHLBC jesung91 Nyya SPEEDSEEKER 겜곰이 금동 네임 들고양이 매시리 배고픈한유 불사하람 스파이크 억까제발그만좀요 영쵸123 인간성벽 전방에적이다 진신 파란파랑 헬브린
0원회귀 Damascus Kkuri RedAlpha StoneKiller 고독한매붕이 기린 네펭귄 라아인 모르모트 벽에박고그대로 빵먹엉 시연우 언더랭커 우파루파루 인간어뢰원툴 전지역동시과밍 짭비 판다노트 호시미쥰나
Adiraelus danjbw MIRACHU Rimpoi yocksh232 고향없는사람들 김두한이 누들 레젠 목탁분실한혜민스 병든나무 석늑 실장석 여심용광로 월급 일단때리고생각함 죽었을것같은사람 첫째곰 팡쟝 화난도리
akuroki Egarden nagaimo sancnity Zaphie 귤아사랑해 나는화가나는화가 늬역 망할것들 뭐냐써글놈아 부엉나무 설해늘 암막화 연녹색풍선 유소린 잠탱삼김 쥬베이 최치영 폭주니키 화태경
CheersLuv ICECAP NENEGrumpy Sevens はこ 그냥지움 낙담 대승우 매그의오른쪽벽꿍 박재범 분조장전담마크 세카이온 앵꽁이 연어마끼 응끄보끄 재생이 지건마스터 코디 햄찌 胜利姿态丶

* Prizes will be sent out in mid-July to the address you entered when you applied for the event.