I saw Camilo for the first time at our school's music festival!
I couldn't resist his passionate performance and became his fan immediately! 😍
But he seems a bit rundown lately...
Would you like to send him a fan letter with me? Maybe it will lift his spirits!
Who knows, maybe Camilo will even send you something back...?!
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First, collect "Envelopes" and "Colored Pencils" through the daily missions!
Next you'll need "Stamps" to make sure Camilo gets your fan letter.
And don't tell them I told you, but I heard that even without stamps, Camilo could still get your letter!


  • [ Envelopes ]


  • [ Colored Pencils ]


  • [ Stamps ]


You don't have any stamps... well, whatever! Send it anyway!

Without a Stamp

Camilo might not get your fan letter without a stamp... put one on there!

With a Stamp

There are up to 3 daily missions for each supply.
Clearing the Level 1 Mission will give you the supply and 20 WP!
Oh, and you'll get bonus supplies as a reward for completing the last mission!

※ What are Web Points (WP)? WP are event points that can be used throughout Season 9's web Free ER Pass events.

Daily Missions (Level 1)

[Normal/Ranked] Slay a Wild Animal (0/20)

OR [Cobalt] Obtain a Heal Pack (0/5)

[Normal/Ranked] Obtain Credits (0/100)

OR [Cobalt] Obtain Credits (0/300)

[Normal/Ranked] Eliminate Test Subjects (0/3)

OR [Cobalt] Eliminate Test Subjects (0/5)

Mon, May 1st - Sun, May 21st 07:59 (PT)

You can check event details
on the official PC version homepage.