Did you just say you like me?

A lovable catgirl has clawed her way to Lumia Island!

“Promise you'll be with me when you're feeling lonely, okay?”
“If it's for you, it'll all be worth it!”

Event Period: Dec 7th, 2022 - Jan 4th, 2023 before maintenance (PT)

Number of times Irem has been played
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  • 1Times

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  • Raffle

    Irem Acrylic Stand x 100

Event Period: Dec 7th, 2022 - Jan 4th, 2023 before maintenance (PT)

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on the official PC version homepage.

[Prize Winners of the Irem Play Event]

Congratulations, you have been chosen as a winner of the Irem Play Event!

Irem Acrylic Stand (100 People)

YourDep******* Bay** 몰리M**** Bos*** 지나가***** 七巧* 대명* Snak**** 임예* Sanc**** 엑스텀프**** 타르코프**** itzL*** 우렁* 쿠쿠* 힝구* Mister***** 유키** 후에엥도**** かま*
슈뢰** 세구야*** 星* fet*** 강덕호*** 내전공** Swa** 불건전** 당* 0nar*** 루아* 백* 키나** 활혜* 17M一R**** フザ*** 폭포*** 솔라미*** sq*** 별*
트위치*** 김복* 꼬르* 지상파** 별무리*** 루* 게임이꼴**** 랜덤* 루미네따**** 밤* 로접* 편* 쉘리*** 종이p**** 빛* 아주작**** 접대* 네안데** 드워프시*** 파송**
chi*** 만달* ho** 니나는*** 램* Icy** 문* 아롱** 레이** *******바타로 타* 엔* 만물** kiwi**** 하* sno**** 점심** 쿠파** ******프새 Cel**
IllL*** 윾키* buzd**** 나너* 지르* 너럭** 링루* 지나가*** 겔* 인생은고**** 초* 낭만대**** *석 Marin***** 설레* 강말* 아인** 스어* 챠비** fus***

* Acrylic stands will be sent out during January to the address you entered when you applied for the event.