20 Days
16 Hours
16 Minutes
4 Seconds

Automatic Revival in Team Modes A complete change of flow in team combat! Survive with your crew!

*This is a sample image, it is subject to change.

Stop Spectating and play some more!
If your teammates die before the 2nd night, they are automatically revived after a certain time.
After reviving, you can move to a desired area through the hyperloop.
However, if the hyperloop is not operated within the limited time, you will be dead.
Additionally, the size of the last restricted area in team modes is also changed. Let's get into the whole new experiment!

Active Items New strategies await, new items with powerful abilities!

*This is a sample image, it is subject to change.

‘Active items’that allow to use special skills will be added! A virtual inventory will be created when wearing equipment that can use active skills.
Skills can be used through shortcuts or equipment clicks.
Keep your eyes peeled for patch notes to see all changes and detailed info.

New Test Subject - Laura A phantom thief? A cat burglar? What's her true identity?

Laura, talented (and brazen) enough to steal from right under her target's noses. She's got an eye for only the most expensive things, but is heralded as a chivalrous robber as she shares the wealth with the less fortunate. The Phantom Thief is headed to Lumia, so keep an eye on your stuff!

Weapon Mastery Diversity Enjoy the variety of combat!

  • Sniper Rifle, Whip, Spear: Range increase by level
  • Hammer: Increases the "efficiency" (strength) of crafted items
  • Crossbow, Assault Rifle, and VF Prosthetic: Increases Armor Penetration
  • Axe and Arcana: Increases all Omnisyphon
  • Tonfa: Defense Increase

In the future, weapon mastery will be more diverse and unique. We'll also apply the level gap bonus. Its original purpose was to boost up players who are behind in levels.

Old Change
Weapon Mastery Bonus All Mastery (Experience) Bonus
It might be nice to some some "upsets" every once in a while!

Boar Improvements Boars will become more dynamic!

Boars will have a new ability: ‘Pork Chop’ Test subjects hit by Boars will be knocked in the opposite direction and through walls. In other words, you can jump through walls with Pork Chop. Use the boars to your advantage with the new Pork Chop.

New 4v4 Mode

Fight for territory! Smack down your enemies!


More Details


Systems absent from New Mode

  • Looting / Route
  • Crafting
  • Mastery
  • Restricted Areas
  • Ranked

New Systems in New Mode

  • Coming soon!


All Season 5 content in one Pack!

ER Season 5 Pack

20,300NP 6,400NP

Purchasable in-game Store
  • Sale Period: Feb 2nd after maintenance ~ Mar 2nd before maintenance
  • Content: All the content that will be releasing in Season 5 and some exclusive rewards
  • ER Pass / 5 Characters / 11 Skins / Exclusive Skins, Emotes, Tombstones etc.

ER Season 5 Pack Get all the content that will be added to Eternal Return in Season 5, exclusive stuff, and unlock the ER Pass! Items will be added automatically to your account on the date of release. This pack will only be available for ONE MONTH and will be 65% off! Get it while you can! *If you already own the item included in this Season Pack, you will receive a refund price of the character (A-Coin) and Skin (NP). Check your mailbox to receive the A-Coin and NP

Season 5 ER Pass: Ghostly Presence!

The first ER Pass in 2022 comes with Spirit Hunters!

ER Pass Launch Sale (Feb 16th after maintenance ~ Mar 2nd before maintenance, for two weeks)
ER Pass

1,550NP 1,190NP

Purchasable in-game Store
  • Unlock some cool rewards with ER Pass!
  • Level 100 is the max level,100 ER Points are required to gain 1 level.
  • Enjoy Eternal Return with variety of rewards!
ER Plus

3,990NP 3,190NP

Purchasable in-game Store
  • ER Plus includes the ER Pass a 20 level boost.
  • Purchase ER Plus to level up and show off your skins faster!

ER Pass Upgrade

Did you purchase the ER Pass? You can upgrade your ER Pass to ER Plus by purchasing ER Pass Upgrade. When you upgrade your ER Pass to ER Plus by using an upgrade pass, you instantly gain 19 levels from your current level! (ex: Level 1 > Level 20) It is non-refundable if you reach over level 100 (maximum) by purchasing ER Pass Upgrade. It is non-refundable. Get your ER Upgrade at a discount!

Aside from the usual content, we've got some more goodies like loading images and more! Is something showing up on your EMF meter? Might be a GHOST. Complete various missions and Collect ER Points! And get more than 100 items with mysterious charms! All content is subject to change upon actual update. Keep your eye on patch notes, posts, and the ER pass page.

ER Pass Hub

Manage All ER Passes via the ER Pass Hub!

*This is a sample image, it is subject to change.

The start of an era - ER Pass Hub Unlock ER Passes from any season via ER Pass Hub!

ER Pass hub With the ER Pass hub, you can manage ER passes from previous seasons. Unlock ER Passes from any season with NP.

Season Activation You can accumulate ER points by playing matchmade gamesand completing missions. Only 1 ER Pass can be active at a time, and it is possible to reactivate the previous ER Passes with NP. When the new season starts, the existing season will automatically end and the new season will be activated, free of charge.

See Details

Season 5 OPEN: Feb 16th, 2022

Experience a new Eternal Return

Season 5 Opening Event!

Unlock Champion Jan by just logging in to Eternal Return!

Event Period: Feb 16th 2022 after maintenance ~ Feb 20th 6:59 AM (PT) Platform: Steam, MS.
  • - Rewards will be sent once per account.
  • - Rewards will be automatically distributed after you log in to the game from Feb 16th after maintenance to Feb 20th 6:59 AM (PT)
  • - The rewards will be sent to in-game mail. It will expire after 7 days of acquisition. Don't forget to redeem!
  • - Champion Jan is the reward for the opening of Season 5 and is not included in the Season 5 Pack and cannot be refunded if you end up with multiple copies.
  • - Champion Jan will be available for purchase in game shop in the future.

Another Season 5 Opening Event!

Subscribe to our newsletter for more rewards!

Subscribe to the Eternal Return Newsletter and receive up to 3 additional rewards!

We will also give 2,170 Event NP to only one lucky subscriber!

Event Period: Jan 26th 2022 ~ Feb 16th 2022 6:59 AM (PT)

  • Character: Jan Character: Jan
  • 217 NP 217 NP
  • 2170 NP 2,170 Event NP (Draw)
  • - Event Period: Jan 26th 2022 ~ Feb 16th 2022 6:59 AM (PT)
  • - The rewards will be sent to those who participate in the event through in-game mailbox after maintenance on February 16th (PT).
  • - Jan given as a reward cannot be refunded for duplication.
  • - Event NP rewards will expire 7 days after acquisition.

Eternal Return Follow Event

(Honestly, I can't believe you're not following it already!)

Follow the best twitter account to ever exist, get some rewards!

Event Period: Jan 26th 2022 ~ Feb 16th 2022 6:59 AM (PT)
The rewards will be sent to in-game mail. It will expire after 7 days of acquisition. Don't forget to redeem!
Rewards will be sent once per account.
25,000 followers (22,100)
ER Point
500 ER Points

Secret Store

Connecting Lumia Island with the real world.

Secret Store
Hold the phones, we've really done it. We've put together a merch store.
See for yourselves at the Lumia Island Secret Store!
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