01. Preparing for the Battle Zone

Battle Zones are announced on Night 1 and 2, and opened on Day 2 and 3 respectively.

  • Acceleration

  • Defense

  • Berserk

Check the Battle Zones and choose which one to get in with your teammates.

Battle Zone Kit

* Make sure you have a Battle Zone Kit
before joining the action!

02. Surviving the Battle Zone

Test subjects who max out their Nerve
Overflow Gauge are immediately eliminated.

Nerve Overflow Gauge Drop Nerve Stabilizer Eliminate Test Subjects Support Pack

But don't worry!
You can counterbalance your Nerve Overflow counter
by destroying Nerve Stabilizers from shuttles
wandering the Battle Zone or eliminating other test subjects.

*Make sure you always are paying close attention to your Nerve Overflow Gauge
while in the Battle Zone!

Now it's time to join your team and
kill all of the other test subjects in the Battle Zone!

03. Completing the Battle Zone!

If you won the Battle Zone, the Battle Zone Marks from other test subjects will be converted to Battle Zone-only goods. The winning team can then use those goods to get a variety of rewards.

Don't sweat it if you were defeated.
If you die with the Rapid Reconstruction buff activated, you can be revived!

Leaving the Battle Zone once it has
already started will immediately kill you!

Entering the Battle Zone once it has
already started will also immediately kill you!

Become a Battle Zone Master in just 1 minutes!

What is a Battle Zone?

What is a Battle Zone?

Battle Zones are special areas purposefully made for battle. Their purpose is collecting data on test subjects that show up in these extreme environments.
Each Battle Zone has a special environment. Some can increase movement speed, some increase Omnisyphon abilites, and others recharge your shield.
The winner will receive special prizes that can only be found in the Battle Zone.

Battle Zone Flow

In the predicted location of 1st Night / 2nd Night restricted areas, some will be chosen as Battle Zone locations.
The location of the Battle Zone will change the following day.
The type of Battle Zone can be checked via the Battle Zone Mark on the World Map Security Console Location.

How to Participate in Battle Zones

When the Battle Zone begins, the test subjects in the area become Battle Zone participants.
If participants die in the Battle Zone, they will be revived after a short period of time.
However, you cannot participate in the Battle Zone again after you've been revived, so be careful!
If a test subject enters or leaves the Battle Zone, they immediately die and cannot be revived.

Battle Zone System

Battle Zone Mark

The Battle Zone Mark symbolizes the unique environment and gives special effects to participants.
If a participant dies, the Battle Zone Mark can be recovered and used as currency for the winning team to purchase rewards.
If there is no winning team, the recovered Battle Zone Marks are permanently removed.

Nerve Overflow Gauge

In the Battle Zone, the Nerve Overflow Gauge accumulates in return for strengthening test subjects' abilities.
Test subjects who max out their Nerve Overflow Gauge will die after a certain amount of time.
Nerve Overflow Gauge can be recovered by Nerve Stabilizers or by killing other test subjects.

Nerve Stabilizer Shuttle

In the Battle Zone, shuttles that have Nerve Stabilizers move along designated routes.
If the shuttle's HP reaches 0, it releases a Nerve Stabilizer that will recover your Nerve Overflow Guage.
Shuttles that released a stabilizer can release another after recharging for a certain amount of time.