※ Read up on how you can participate and receive awesome event rewards!

Work with other Lumia Island survivors and check how much love Eva has for you!
You can obtain special rewards by increasing your lovemeter.
But there may be rewards you can't get depending on your amount of contribution, so play wisely!

  • 25%

    Receive a Valentine's
    Gift Box Set

    * Use candies at least 3 times

  • 50%

    Receive a Sweet Valentine
    Eva Gift Set

    * Use candies at least 6 times

  • 75%

    Receive a Dizzy Sua Set

    * Use candies at least 9 times

  • * Use candies at least 12 times

Clear Individual Daily Missions in order to get candies!
Use candies a total of 20 times and receive 100 Event NP (3-Days).
After getting your reward, your accumulated total will reset and you can participate again!

  • 500 A-Coin

  • 500 A-Coin

  • 500 A-Coin

  • 500 A-Coin

  • 100
    Event NP (3-Days)

[Normal/Ranked] Eliminate 2 test subjects (0/2)

OR [Cobalt Mode] Eliminate 4 test subjects (0/4)

[Normal/Ranked] Kill 35 wild animals (0/35)

OR [Cobalt Mode] Obtain Heal Packs 10 times (0/10)

[Normal/Ranked] Use Remote Drones 4 times (0/4)

OR [Cobalt] Occupy a Power Beacon 12 times (0/12)

[Normal/Ranked] Obtain 300 credits (0/300)

OR [Cobalt] Obtain 1500 credits (0/1500)

You can check event details
on the official PC version homepage.