Great Escape

Play games of Eternal Return to complete missions and obtain SP.
Trade in your SP for items that'll assist Wilson's escape to get rewards!
Get a skin voucher and a raffle entry by helping Wilson escape 3 times!

Event Period: Sep 7th ~ Sep 21st 07:59 AM (PT)

Owned SP: -




Regeneration Cuff

1,000 A-Coin




Shutdown Code

60 ER Points




100 Event NP (3 Days)




Round Rewards

Rewards Information

1st Round

Escape Successful!

Floaty Wilson
(Spray & Emote)

2nd Round

Escape Successful!

Tropical Party Wilson
(Spray & Emote)

3rd Round

Escape Successful!

Skin Voucher

* Rewards are sent to your in-game mail immediately after being claimed. (Expires after 7 days)

Great Escape Challenge Raffle


  • AirPods, 3rd generation (1 winner)
  • Ryan Headphones (4 winners)
    GH*********** / 눈사*** / 인성**** / 디*
  • Hyunwoo Jacket (3 winners)
    코** / Pa****** / 니*
  • Hyunwoo Mask (5 winners)
    연* / アグ****** / 綠* / 얌* / 뚜기***
  • $10 Steam Wallet Gift Card (10 winners)
    주홍* / su******* / 도토**** / Sa***** / El******** / 살생** / ぢ* / Mi*** / 秦書* / Tw******

Winners must check their in-game mailbox for codes and fill out the form by Oct 3rd 7:59 AM (PT).

Mailing Information Form >> Link

Congratulations to all the lucky winners!

Event Information

■ How To Participate

  • Step 1
    Obtain SP by playing Eternal Return!
    A. Get 5 SP the first time you log in on the Wilson's Great Escape Challenge event page.
    B. Get 4 SP for completing a daily mission.
    C. Get 7 SP for completing a weekly mission.
  • Step 2
    Wilson needs your SP to move forward. Click 'Go!' to watch Wilson move!
  • Step 3
    Redeem a reward when Wilson reaches each item.
  • Step 4
    If Wilson escapes successfully, don't forget to redeem your reward on the event page!
  • Step 5
    Get a skin voucher by helping Wilson successfully escape 3 times!
Daily Missions
Missions SP Status
Weekly Missions
Missions SP Status
Great Escape Challenge Raffle

23 lucky people who complete all 3 rounds of Wilson's Great Escape will win merch!

AirPods, 3rd generation

1 Winner

Ryan Headphones

4 Winner(s)

Hyunwoo Jacket

3 Winner(s)

Hyunwoo Mask

5 Winner(s)

$10 Steam Wallet
Gift Card

10 Winner(s)

Raffle Entry Status

Completing all 3 rounds of Wilson's Great Escape automatically enters you into the raffle.

Event Terms and Conditions

* Event Period: Sep 7th ~ Sep 21st 07:59 AM (PT)
* Daily missions reset at 8 AM (PT) everyday, and progress from any unfinished daily mission will be lost.
* Event rewards can be redeemed via in-game mail and will expire after 7 days.
* Unclaimed, expired rewards will not be re-sent.
* Unused SP will expire after the event ends. Make sure to use up your SP before the event ends!
* Unredeemed rewards will be lost after the event ends.
* Skin Vouchers can only be redeemed for a skin currently sold in the in-game store.
a. Skins received from Skin Vouchers cannot be refunded or exchanged.
b. Skin Vouchers cannot be refunded even if you select an already owned skin. Please double check your selection.
c. Instead of a skin, you can opt to receive 600 Event NP (valid for 7 days).
* Codes to access the shipping info form will be distributed to winners via in-game mail starting Sep 26th (KST).
* Codes are unique to each individual and can only be used once.
* Details regarding the shipping information form will be released at a later date.
* Form responses will only be accepted during Sept. 26th ~ Oct 3rd 7:59 AM (PT)
* Failing to provide accurate shipping information may result in forfeiture of your prize.
* Prizes will ship out starting Oct. 4th.

More events are on the way!