We're adding a new variable to Lumia Island.

Each time you start a new match
you'll be randomly assigned
1 out of 4 Main Weather
and 1 out of 4 Sub Weather.

Each main and sub weather applies a different effect.


Lumia Island's default weather.

No additional effects applied.


Recovery from crafted consumables is increased.

Higher chance to get Rare Materials from collecting potatoes and fishing.

Day and Night Vision is increased for all players.

Overall there are less brushes around the island


Monsters' attack power is reduced.

The range at which test subjects can hear noises, skill sounds, footsteps, and more is reduced due to the rain.

Overall there are more brushes around the island.


A mild healing reduction effect is applied to all test subjects.

A whirlwind is created, making targets fly in the air.

Day and Night Vision is reduced for all players.


Lumia Island's environment is free of winds.

No additional effects are applied.


Noise pings are not shown in the screen.

Air supply box's locations are not displayed.

Strong Winds

Strong wind zones are created.

Test Subjects within the wind zones gain movement speed.


Lightning strikes occur randomly outdoors.

Test subjects struck by lighting take damage.


Activates when your team wipes out an enemy team.

Movement speed is momentarily increased
and teammates are significantly healed.


Activates when a single player wipes out a team while being the only survivor in their team.

Enhanced Terminate is momentarily applied.

We're adding a new category of Augments: Chaos.

We're also tweaking the rules for selecting Augments. In Season 4 you can only select one Secondary Augment from the left and one from the right.
The above rule also applies when you select Sub Augments.
*New augments' names are subject to change.


Chaos Augments consist of 3 Core Augments and 6 Secondary Augments.
They directly affect combat by dealing great additional damage and skill support.

Stellar Charge

Activate three different skills within a certain period of time to
accumulate Stellar Charge.
Charged: Your next basic attack within a certain period of time
deal additional damage and reduce basic skills' cooldown.

Circular System

Recover HP equal to a portion of the SP consumed to activate a skill for 3 seconds.

Tranquility (Revamped)

Gain a shield after a period of time of being out of combat.

Healing Spray

When healing spray is activated
tests subjects within range are healed.

You can check event details
on the official PC version homepage.