Leni, the Eternal Child, is coming to Lumia Island!


Lumiapedia: Leni

Leni's Story

16 years old / Female / 145cm

"I need to be careful with my toys."

At first glance, she seems like an ordinary girl.
She loves playing silly pranks on others and laughs at
their reactions as if she were still a child.

When she was younger, she couldn't bear the misfortunes that happened to her family and the people around her.
Frustrated, Leni decided to run away instead of facing reality.
She didn't want anything to do with adulthood, she just wanted to remain a child forever.
In her mind, death was the only way that could keep her from growing up.
It would have been her only choice... until that accident.

Character Concept: Eternal Child Leni

“I've got something new for you today! Are you excited?”

Event Period: Nov 9th - Dec 6th 14:59 (UTC)

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  • [Normal/Ranked]

    Slay 10 Wild Animals
    Total with Leni


    Taunty Leni

  • [Normal/Ranked]

    Deal 10,000 Total Damage to
    Test Subjects with Leni

    - / 10,000

    Taunty Leni Profile Icon

Leni, the Eternal Child, is coming to Lumia Island!

You can check event details
on the official PC version homepage.