Period: Mar 14th after maintenance - Apr 3rd 14:59 (UTC)

Yuki looks kind of sad,
especially when he walks past the decaying Cherry Blossom Tree...

Bloom cherry blossoms to cheer Yuki up!

Water the Cherry Blossom Tree every day with water bottles
to receive special gifts as it blooms!

  • Hi Rio!

  • Dreaming Off The Buzz

  • She is pissed!

Spirit Hunter Yuki
Team Slot Background

Water Bottles: 0

Complete Special Missions to get extra water!
You can only get each bonus reward once.

Got the Spirit Hunter Yuki Bundle?

Got Emma's Magic Show Lobby Screen?

* rewards will be available until the end of the event reward collection period on April 10th, 2024 14:59 (UTC).

You can check event details
on the official PC version homepage.