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Kenneth is coming to Lumia Island to unleash his fury!

Lumiapedia: Kenneth

Kenneth's Story

18 years old / Male / 168 cm

"I made up my mind a long time ago."

A boy with the ability to turn his anger into fire.
Abandoned by his parents as a child, he was raised in an orphanage.

Since he had no name and was the first to enter the orphanage that year, everyone called him "One."
He formed a special bond with the second child who came in after him, which became a turning point in his life.

The caregivers at the orphanage were overly abusive, and as a young and weak child, he was frustrated with himself and the fact that he couldn't do anything about it.
One day, a massive, unexplained explosion occurred at the orphanage, causing the children to flee and scatter in panic.
Afterward, most of the children were missing, but only "One" showed up to search for his scattered siblings.

A child born from fire, now known by a new name, "Kenneth."

Character Concept: Burning Fury Kenneth

Event Period: Jan 18th - Feb 14th 14:59 (UTC)

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  • [Normal/Ranked]

    Kenneth Cut It Out!

    Obtain 500 Credits
    with Kenneth

    - / 500

  • [Normal/Ranked]

    Kenneth Cut It Out! Profile Icon

    Deal 10,000 Total Damage to
    Test Subjects with Kenneth

    - / 10,000

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